Arbel  –  import, export  & distribution department

Arbel industries specializes in International importing, exporting , wholesaling, trade, distributing promotional products and services in variety of disciplines.

Arbel Import department has over 20 years of experience in trading & marketing in a wide variety of products in the arenas of Industry, technology, sports and Leisure

Arbel aims to import and market high standard products which has a fair price for every profile of consumers. Arbel specializes in wholesale markets and direct sales to  the private consumer

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Air-conditioning and cooling accessories department

Arbel metal industries (92) Ltd. Also develops, imports and markets air-conditioning and cooling accessories,

tin parts and other accessories for air-conditioning and cooling producers, air-channeling grills, installation and assisting accessories.

On the premises there is a retail shop for the above accessories.

Arbel company employs tens of employees, advisors, air-conditioning and cooling engineers, services and sales personnel, warehouse managers and a large nation-wide distribution force.

The company represents a large number of international and Israeli companies producing installation accessories, command systems, air blowers, accelerators and thousand of other leading accessories.

The company goal is to give the best product and service and it is one of the leading companies in the industrial, home and institutional air-conditioning and cooling branch.

Arbel company was authorized by the Technion and DNV for ISO 9000:2000 control system and is putting special emphasis on quality in service, product, processes and interpersonal relations.

International representatives:


The leading American company for production and distribution of Feron gas to the air-conditioning and cooling branch for more than 50 years.


One of the largest European companies producing thermal isolation with advanced technology, from tapped rubber, acting as isolation for copper, plastic, PEX aluminum/plastic ALUPEX, stainless still, aluminum and iron tubing.


The largest Turkish company producing chain tubing for metal, sewer, chemical and air-conditioning transfer.


The largest Turkish company producing electrical channels and stylized air-conditioning channels including a wide variety of angles and accessories.


An Indian company marketing various kinds of gas.

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